Blue Heron Stables - connecting horse and human through body, mind & spirit
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It is our hope that you will stumble upon our website with the intentions of looking for
a different aspect of the connection that you and your horse could share with each other.
It is our intention to help those who are looking for a better way to be with your horse.
To be able to apply the body , through the knowledge of body language
To be able to apply the mind, through the understanding of the ways of the horse
To be able to apply your spirit in order to feel the connection with your horse's spirit
Terri Bowhey -  Gold Certified Chris Irwin Trainer on the Ground
                           FEEL ~ Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Certified
                                         Facilitator ~ May 2013
Blue Heron Stables offers Horsemanship lessons based on communication, trust, self and body awareness and the principles of horse and human body language.
We also offer private, semi~private and workshop opportunities working with  FEEL Certified Facilitators ~ see it ~ feel it ~ do it!~
We hope to see you again?  Check back from time to time for new updates to our website.  There's much more to come!
Thank you from Blue Heron Stables

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