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It's a wintering Sunday afternoon and I thought I'd just sit down and reflect the events of the past 3 days.  My friend Anne Gage and myself conducted our first WOMEN, WISDOM & WHISPERS clinic this past Thursday and Friday.  Doing a 2 day clinic during the week might have been pushing the envelope but I really wanted to try it and I decided to follow what my heart was saying.
Now, with the flyers and the advertisements and facebook and emails, you would think we would have a waiting list of women wanting to join us for these 2 days, but what we did end up with was a wonderful group of 5 women (which I was thrilled about) join us at Blue Heron Stables.  These 5 women did not know each other but at the end of the 2nd day you would have thought we had known each other for years.
The love of horses is what drew these women together but it was connections of body, mind and spirit that jelled all of us women at the end of the course. 
Our theme was the Intuitive Connections between Horse and Human and the experiences that were shared between all of us brought tears and laughter and a bond that will last a lifetime.  Between discussions in the coziness of the livingroom to the work with the horses in the arena, it brought about feelings and AHA moments for all of us. 
As the owner of the wonderful horses that we worked with during the 2 days, I have to say that I was practically brought to tears by the calmness and the relaxation of both the horses and the women.  The energy in the arena was electrifying as there were personal moments for each and every one of us.
I would like to personally thank Anne for her knowledge of horses and life experiences that she brings to these clinics and I'm grateful for her friendship.  We truly do work well together.  I would also like to say how grateful I am to beable to provide a space where women can come together to share, reflect and
be themselves in a safe environment and work with the most amazing animals that god could have created.  Because by providing this setting, I am meeting women I'm suppose to meet and enjoy having the experiences I'm suppose to have.  It's truly a wonderful thing !  So thank you to each and everyone of you
5 women who made the clinic what it was.  Just an incredible experience.
It was a busy weekend, as I did a Reiki course on the Saturday and was also
priviledge enough to have a healing done by the Reiki method as well as a healing done by a Shaman Practitioner.  It was the most incredible experience.  Again, met 2 wonderful women who loved and supported  the events
that happened that day. 
When my husband and I moved to this farm, I had a vision about a year later, and I'll be honest, this is hard to write down, but I'm learning to just be true to myself and be open with my heart, but the vision was to open our farm to clinics such as these and that is why I'm so grateful that Chris Irwin is here to add to his horsemanship clinics with his EAPD Program.  Equine Assisted Personal Development.  And for those men or women interested in learning more about this certified program just go to Chris' website, but if you're heading down a path and any of these words tug at your heart or gut, I encourage you to take a leap and at least inquire about it.  It might just make a difference in your life.  I'm learning to take those extra steps and it makes for a wonderful journey!!!
:) Thank you


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alison on March-14-12 1:15 PM
Yes, it was wonderful! Looking forward to the next one...
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Jerri Defeo on November-30-12 7:54 PM
A great story indeed! Never thought of equine therapy. This is a must shared blog. However, I want to feel that calmness with Saltriver performance horses.
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Terri on December-01-12 7:15 PM
Hi Jerri...thank you for your comment on my blog.Trust me, not in a million years did I ever think that I would be writing a blog especially about horses and healing. I am taking part in a 6 month Facilitated Equine Experiantial Learning program working with horses. It really is my dream to have my farm become a sanctuary for horses and humans and learning and healing. What an incredible journey I'm on. Again thank you for sharing your comments with me. The world truly is a very small place :) take care Terri

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