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April Flurries

Actually, I think it is suppose to be April Showers ? :)  However, winter hasn't quite let go of her icy grip on us, but we've certainly seen enough signs over the past few weeks to know, as always, spring's warmer weather is on it's way.  When I look out into the fields, I honestly
think the horses enjoy this last bit of fresh crisp air.  The footing has soften just enough for
them to feel that they can run around and play without slipping and sliding. 
I'm always so grateful that I'm able to look out my back window every morning and see the antics that go on in those fields.  It's only been in the last 5 years that I've been able to appreciate the lives of horses on a full time basis.  Like most people, we only had a couple of horses that we boarded on other peoples farms so our enjoyment of our horses was on a different level.  And I certainly understand that owning a horse farm is not written in everyone's book, but for me I'm very grateful that I have that chapter in my life.  Living, working and being so close to these horses has taught me so many lessons, and it's also given me an opportunity to learn some wonderful training with Chris, meet some incredible people along the way and help me grow as a person.  This lifestlye also has allowed me to share with other people what I love to do, just be.....with horses.
So everyday is a new day, it might be filled with flurries on an April day or full of warm sunshine coaxing the buds to appear on the trees, but it's a reminder to enjoy everyday, however it may appear.  When I watch my horses, that's exactly what they are doing!

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