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Hi Everyone
Please bare with me...this is all so very new to me.  I guess this makes me a blogger!
I just wanted to let people know that happen to see my website that we are here to
help, listen to, and share stories about people and their horses. 
As you know I am a Chris Irwin Certified Trainer and we have just finished our first
Horsemanship Clinic this past weekend.  As always it was alot of fun, alot of information and just a great experience meeting the challenges of new horses and  meeting alot of wonderful people as well. 
Our next event is in May when Chris will be here for his 2nd of 4 clinics and Train the Trainer Series.  Please go to his website for any information about the clinics and registrations. 
But I'd love to hear from anyone with any questions or success stories with their horses using Chris' training methods.  A little information or advice can go along way.
Look forward to this new world of blogging.

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