Blue Heron Stables - connecting horse and human through body, mind & spirit
  I recall, vividly, the day I drew this picture of a Gateway opening up to endless possibilities through which humans and horses would enter with open hearts.
The year was 2013.  It's the day I had a "meeting" with a horse named Thor.  It's the day I listened to my heart instead of arguing with my thoughts and decided to follow this majestic beast through the gates of what would ultimately be the future of Blue Heron Stables and the horses that resided there.
At the end of the six month FEEL program in which I was participating, I received a wonderful certificate of completion, but more importantly I learned how to talk with horses.  I came to the program with the understanding of horse language through body movements.  I left with the gift of understanding the language of the horse through intuitive knowledge.  Combine the two of these things together and you have complete magic.

It would take another four years to develop my intuitive skills, find the courage to step out of my comfort zone and expand my wings, like the Great Blue Heron, and offer up a program called GATEway.

If the horses have taught me anything in the past 15 years, it's to be AWARE.  Aware of your thoughts, aware of your body, aware of your environment, aware of your breath and aware of being present.

I look back at my training and the teachers who have been involved in my journey with great respect, but the greatest teachers have been those that depend of me for their food, water, shelter, community, physical care and peace of mind.

The horses have been waiting for me to open the gates to the people.  The gates to knowledge and awareness, connection and relationships, with horses, with others and with yourself.

GATEway is a program offering a 75 minute horse experience each week for 9 weeks.  The Chinese meaning for 9 is completion.  There are 3 components to GATEway  called, BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.  Blue Heron Stables has 3 main paddocks which open up to 1 large sacred space through 9 gates.  Needless to say, the number 9 is an important factor in all of this.

In 9 weeks you will learn about horse language involving the physical body and the intuitive heart.  You will come to learn what your body is communicating to the horse and what the horse is communicating back to you.  You will learn the importance of awareness while connecting with the horses and they will teach you the beauty of horse spirit and the human spirit that resides in each and everyone of us.

In essence ...... you will be

"taking the horse experience beyond the barn doors"

The cost for this 9 week program is $450. which includes hst
please contact Terri Bowhey @ 705 721 9447 for further information

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