Blue Heron Stables - connecting horse and human through body, mind & spirit
Our farm is located just west of Barrie Ontario, in the village of Minesing.
We live on 48 acres of land with the most beautiful views from all directions. My husband, Rick, has worked very hard to make our horses and boarders feel at home, with new paddocks, new pasture fields, shelters and beautiful comfortable stalls.  He helped to build a beautiful 64' x 120' steel arena where lessons with horses and workshops and private sessions are conducted. His support and incredible work ethics is a major part of why Blue Heron Stables is what it is. 
We are care givers to  7 of our Blue Heron Stable horses. Two of the horses were foster horses from the Ontario Standard Bred Association. Misty and Roma have been an incredible addition to our herd of teachers and guides. Bear, Sasha, Jess, Magic and Georgie have added their wisdom and teachings to all who have had the privilege of meeting them.
My journey with horses began with Bear who became my daughter's best friend.  We learned so much together as mother and daughter, but also as human and horse. It was with Bear's patience while we both learned what life looks like to a horse in the competitive world, that he allowed us to make our mistakes, and learn and open our hearts to those people around us who would help us find a new way to be with horses. It hasn't been an easy road, but in the end, the 7 horses that gather at this farm, have given myself the courage to follow a path in which I truly believe they have been waiting for. 
As we no longer ride any of our Blue Heron Stable horses, it was a decision based on a nine year journey which took me to a place called HORSE SPIRIT CONNECTIONS. It is where I was able to be surrounded by like minded people who were also searching for a different way to be with horses. The road to Tottenham, Ontario, led me to finding my true authentic self and to be able to witness the true spirit of the horses.

Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning
"Horses engage us in Experiential Learning - learning by doing.  It is a process through which individuals gain knowledge, acquire skills, and enhance values from direct experience.  Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) then reinforces the perceptions of change and promotes integration in individuals daily lives to make the learning's practical and meaningful"
June 2013 Graduate of the FEEL program
Now offering private and semi-private sessions, and also available will be workshops for both men and women.
Please contact - Terri Bowhey   705-721-9447    705-794-9447
for further information in regards to the FEEL experience
" The goal of Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) is about FEELing the experience of the majestic horse that whispers to us about our ability to communicate with others effectively and to listen to ourselves authentically."
I'm so excited about showing people the absolute beauty and magic that our horses at Blue Heron Stables can offer.  They have been very clear to me that they are my partners in this journey in which I am the facilitator and they are the teachers.  I invite all who are looking for a new experience with horses to take a journey with me and experience the deep connection one can obtain with horses and themselves.
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